AURUM Minix Sports is Kyosyo's ARF plane.
I get motor outer magnet can type blushless from Modelmotors CZ. That catalogue data toled can fly max 2.5Kg with 10cells. It like 4stroke-40 class power.
So I use this motor to Aurum Minix sports with 8cells.

Remake to E-power, needs works are only 2points.

I made motor mount flom 3mm plywood, front panel use plywood and 1mm carbon plate.
Mount length is 70mm (innner 66mm). The under side is open to cooling intake. Painted with uretane.
Plop adapter is hand made, but 5mm adapter is selled from Graupnner so.

Battery holder is made from 3mm plywood. Space is very wide to set 2400mah 8cell battery easy.
Battery is hold with belclo and strech belcro.

Add cooling intake at nose and exthaust duct at under rear fuslage.

Only 2point!! That all.

 First version (normal gear)
Firstly test is used 10*6plop at 25A, but not enougf to fly easyly.

So Think use 10cell battery, but it is heavy at 3000mah Ni-He or 2400mah Ni-Cd.

RC AIR WORD is monthly magazine fo RCflyers. That contents told same Aulumn with AXI2820/10, it flys very good. That data toked use 11inch plop with 8cells.
Aurum can fly 8cells well !!

 newest Version
I make main gear higher 28mm (about) with 3mm music wire, so can use 11inch plop at glass gronund.

motor: AXI2820/10
plop:11*6 APC

Static current 24-25A

motor and battery are same.

Flight test 2
Second test use 11*7APC plop. On glass ground AURUM runs good like FS-26s and take off good.
First test I feel weight over and plane pitch ploblem, CG is same but fly good posision. No feel under power, lebel flyght can at 60% power.
Loop is easy at level flyght, not very!!powerful but enough to enjoy.
AURUM is desined by Mr Giich Naruke ( F3A chanpion ), fly quickly and statik, good balance, real sports stant plane.
Roll is qick and controllable, knife edge is easy.
Vertical climb is weak point, but very good peeformance. I feel power like OS FS-26S or over.

Flight time is 5minutes over. Battery remain 1200mah. Motor heat is like human body, cooling well.

Silent sports flight, not need clean plane after flyght!!

Flight test 3
I get 1700mah10cell battery ( SANYO cell ) and test in AURUM. Prop is 11*7 APC.
Short run take off and powerful climb. Good speed and virticul climb near 20meter , good porformance.
Roop and reverce roop good.
Run time is 4minutes over. Feeling of power is very good, like a OS25FSR with normal silencer.
If you can get 1700mah or 1250mah 10cell , please test it , perhaps you like it.