Works Polar Bear

GP Helicopters

ERGO SS30 CCPM 4stroke (JR)

 Engine : OS FS-52Surpass
 Radio : Futaba PCM1024Z-H
 Gyro : Futaba GY501 (Heading Lock Piezo)
 Main Blades : HIPLO GP-30

This is my first JR's GP-Heli. ( I like HIROBO , and HIROBO is in Hiroshima prf , I live at )
Only normal OS FS-52 Surpass can flight 30 class Heli, so caught my hart!

I was been flight HIROBO's SST-EAGLE ( 4cycle converssion kit, producuted by Mr Kurokawa, he desined BLACK SHARK, F3C contest body), that engine ( YS 91-ACH ) is very poweful and flat torque, but needs very careful settings. 4c EAGLE often happpend over heat.

The OS FS-52 is very good for 30 class airplane. So I hoped to use 30 class helicopters.

And JR produced ERGO 4cycle.

I use K&S's reserve tank for anti fuel bubbling.
The engine settings are very important, Firstry I care for over heat , so I set main needle ritch and slow needle lean to keep constant idling.
But in this settings makes over heat and lower torque at hovering. It makes over road and over heat at engine.
FInally I set main needle 1and1/4 turn , 2click lean, and set slow needle little lean than normal settings. So engines run good and No care for overheat.

In flight
This is only normal FS-52, but hovering is very quiet and good stabirity. Very very gentle.
In idle-up mode, engine sound is like to airplane dive. Very torqueful. so easy to roop, very contorollable at peak. Rolling is too. It cause only little arutitude loss. Clime at stall-turn is good and easy. There are caused by Good torque of FS-52 Surpass.

Easy to static, easy controll, sgentle exaust sound, flight time is over 20minutes.
Just fit for Sunday flyers!! Let's enjoy blade sound.