Works Polar Bear

Mini EP Planes

F-104J EDF40

Fan :GWS EDF40
Motor :Feigao 12mm 5800kv > 20.2mm stator CD-ROM ( 0.4mm 15turn delta wired) 6pole rotor
Baterry :Thunderpower 730mah 3cell > Hyperion 800mah 3cell
RX :FUTABA R-146ip > berg 4ch FM
Servo :FUTABA S-3108*2 (Airlon Elevator)
ESC : CC Phoenix 10 > CC Thunderbird 18
Weight :274g > 295g
Scale : 1/20


Flying tail controll housing

Duct unit work

Canopy work

Covering with Oralight

Basic coloring
I use TAMIYA Polyca Color spray (for R/C car clear body) for first step, and paint with TAMIYA Color spray (for plastic model), very easy and light weight.

I made aluminium hub for fit EDF40 inpelar. Hub was pushed into motor shaft,use permanent Lock-Tight,and glue fan with CA(long time type).
Duct reinforcement are 1mm plywood.


Decal was mede with ink-jet printer rabel(clear type),coat with clear water colorspray.


C/G point is 10mm forward from L/E. I use bangee code. tensyon 1.8kg

Climb is good. Roll stavirity is good too. I wondered to roll controll, it is no use. F104 is lifting body plane, so small wing is not weak point.

1970 from 1990, F-104J is major fighter in Japanese Self Defence Force. F104 R/Cmodel is our dream.
Dreams come true with EDF40. I'm very very grad!

Flight Video (wmv 5MB)

Motor performance up

I repraced Feigaomotor ballbearings, normal bearings to Japanese high quarity ball bearings (MNB stainress miniture bearings). I heared this way from Net Shop ROBIN.
After replaced test, I feel more motor speed. I wish to next flight!

Power unit renewal

I tryed CD-ROM EDF unit, Feigao 5800 has enougf power but I want more speed.

20.2mm stator(9 pole)
6pole rotor (original made)
0.4mm 15 turn DELTA connnect

MAX thurst 170g over (at 14A)

ESC: CC Thnderbird 18
Battery : Hyperion 800mah Li-Po 3cell

Total weght increased to 295g but flyght performance is good. Air speed is up, so elevator trim became light position.
Sound is Very Very good, over 40000rpm!


Flight video ( with CD-ROM motor) (5MB wmv )

" #5 Kyusyu Nonbiri Fly in" at Kumamoto. My friend Toku-san recorded.