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EPP Delta Wing EDF40 (Looks like Super-MITE??)

Motor : CD-ROM 20.05mm*4.5mm Stator 0.4mm*16turn Delta wired Nromal plasticmagnet > replace Feigao 12mm 5800Kv
Batterry : TP Li-Po 730mah 3Cell GEN2
Receiver : Berg FM 4ch
Servo : GWS Pico-STD *2
Wing span : 420mm
Weight : 137g

EPP delta wing plane. I heared from Mr Sasaki original Super FLY-RC's Super MITE, RCgroups sread. I thought cd-rom motor to use GWS EDF unit, but cd-rom rotor is too large to use EDF40. But DrDHalko made great cd-rom EDF unit, I very very impressived to this. So I tryed to make cd-rom EDF unit , manytimes re wired , I heared 16turn from RC Groups sread, at last I waind coils 0.4mm wire delta connnecti.
I made this plane, before SuperFlyRC selles, I cant wait this impressive EDF plane.

This unit has 80W power, over 150g thulst. At fast I used PQ600mah3cell but this edf needs over 8A constant, so I changed battery to TP730 3cell.

I inforced duct case with carbon cure seat. Airlon horns are 1mm plywood. Elevons are connected with OHP seet using CAglue.

Test flyght

Throwing is little difficult to hold from back side , no hand hold. ( Now I hold leading edge and add 70%power and toss to front) My friend runched to help.
At first flyght, CGpoint was little tail havy, now I add 5g weight to adjust CG to more front.
Flyght was very very quick , my EDF40 has enough power but Super MITE has more more power.
Climb performance was feel over power, at vertical climb(80% power) add more power, EDF40 give more vetical speed. Very impressive!

My friend Dr Tuda request back side low-pass, see picture.
I think this 137g delta wing flys good performance with normal EDF40(Li-Po 2cell), but CD-ROM EDF sound very good. Little noisy??

Now Super FLY-RC sells Super MITE EDF set. Please Visit original site.

2004/09/02( original Japanese web)

Flyght VIDEO

At Mt ASO flyght area@wmv file 1MB oct/13/2004 Clear but windy


Feigao motor

Motor changed to Feigao 12mm 5800Kv. I use Feigao5300 to Nano Bandit, It is good performance. But i tried to use 5800Kv.
Full power 7A ( 70W) thurst 165g
Very simple and useful.

CD-ROM unit has more thurst but needs more current. CD-ROM and Feigao are both happy unit for me.
But Feigao5800 makes good vertical climb. Quick roll and good slow flight performance. Very very fun and happy.