Works Polar Bear
Mni EP plane world

P-51 Mustang Miss America
Union Model

Radio: Futaba MCR-4A (ESC with RX)
Contoroll: Airlon Elevator Rudder Motor (4CH)
Motor: 300 class ( Mabuti PK-370)
Battery: 600mah 6cell

Finished dekal and paint.
30mm light weight tires and piano wire tail skid.

Micro Bipe

Contoroll: Airlon Elevator Rudder Motor (4CH)
Motor: 400 class ( Mabutch RS-380) with QRP reduction unit
Battery: 600mah 7cell

Before covering ( First version)
Motor mount ( QRP unit)
Reinforcement 1.5mm balsa (torealing edge and airlon)
Airlon linkage

Version 2
2mm carbon struts
Reading edge plank 1mm balsa (for D tube)
Fuslage reinforce with carbon cross.
Upper wing adjusted 0degree and lower wing 1.5 degree.
Covered with ORA light
Remake landeling gear.

Version2 finished

Chubby Lady
Flying stailo kit

Radio: JR R-500
Contoroll: Elevator Rudder Motor
Motor: 300 class
Battery: 270mah 6cell

Landeling gear add gum bandage for very short landeing.
Low pass very very nice!

Zero Type 52
Airica ( Mr Oue desined)

Serbo: GWS PICO std *2
ESC: Pixie-7
Contoroll: Airlon Elevator Motor
Motor: Homare 21 ( STI japan original High power micro motor) with reduction
Battery: 120mah 6cell
Total weight:135g
Scale: 1/24

Zero on my palm. Very small!
Covering film is ASAMI milacle film ( super light )
Colored with Planes of Fame restored version.

Sony Handycam PC-5 still image
Flight was very powerful and very gentle. Real flight!
This is only 1/24 scale electric RC airplane.

OKmodel 10class Laser cut kit

RX: RC-line SR-4
Serbo: GWS NARO-HP BB *3
Contoroll: Airlon Elevator Rudder Motor
Motor: Hacker B20-18L with QRP reduction unit 40:16 > Motor changed to Modelmotors Mini AC1215/20
ESC:Shulze Future-25be > Changed to Tmm 18A
Battery: 500mah 10cell
Plop: Graupnner Slim Plop 8*4 > Aeronauto 8.5*5 (good thurst)
Total weight:770g

Power test data ( Hacker B20-18L)
ESC 100% 11000rpm at 12.0A
ESC 50% 5.0A

Remaked Vertical and Stabirizer Fin.
Hacker B20-18L motor and QRP reduction unit.

Very powerful and quick flight. Split-S loop roll very sharp.

Landing is easy. It caused 8*4plop for air blake.

Mini EDF plane ( Original ) E-Swallow

RX : GWS Pico 4ch
Servo : GWS Pico std *2 ( Airlon Elevator )
Battery : 300mah Ni-h 6cell > POLYQUEST Li-Po 600mah2cell
Wing span : 460mm
Wing type : 8% flat bottom
Weght : 158g (145g with POLYQUEST 600 2s1p)

Intake ring works. Keep round and fan crealance.
Made from 1mm plywood and 2mm balsa. CA coated.

Lear duct. Made from foam sheet. Increase thrust 10g over.

Fly over! Good speed and good duct sound. Flight tyme 5minute over.
Loop and roll so good.

FMS data
Flying Model Simulator
My friend Mr Nakamura maked data of E-swallow. It is very real and fun!!. I recomended to rewright parameter of power 15 to 10, it more real!
Let's enjoy !

POLYQUEST Li-Po Batterry

Batterry changed to POLYQUEST Li-Po. Very small and slim, fit to nose area. Lighter 13g !.