IKARUS ECO Piccolo Shuwizer 300

Piccolo at Japanese room ( Shouji and Tatami and wood table)
280class EP heli

The first, my friend Mr Miki told me about very very small carbon flame micro ep heli, debeloped by Europian ep heli mania, before 3years.
More evolution model intoroducted on magazine Electric Flight , and now more small heli (palm top size) flight.
Ikalus had developed kit model , Eco Piccolo , so easy to get in Japan.
This category is very small , but many importer deal in Yoshioka model factory ( developed On Air EP motor glider) and Model shop Asami (Tokyo Akihabara), so no ploblem for keep supare parts.

The model image is more small than Convert EX, more big Keience Revoruter, indoor heli. Tail pipe and skid and main mast and tail shaft are carbon. Main blades are look like carbon but hard enginieering prastisc.
On main blades, there are vortex generator, how it works!

Making is easy, almost parts fixed with second bond. Hold servomotors too!
I use 2days to finish. Midnight hovering test is my memorial first flight at 21century.

Point of assenbly

At flight

Kit included charging adapter fit for shulz charger.
Remove main blade and tail blade , turn motors 2 pack of battery.
I use Futaba 1024Z TX, But enough nolmal 4ch FM TX. But convinience sub trims.

Tx swich on, motor stick hold slow,Connect battery, blink red LED at Pico bord, Hover now. Turn rotors smoothly.
At first hover, maybe difficult to adjust trims. Piccolo moves not calm. This is a havit of small size indoor heli. If you hover higher ( over 50cm), Piccolo hovering with stability.
Hovering is very quiet, onry gear noze , but it is no plobrem for sighlent flight. Main blades hold air so good, slow turning main rotor. Tail contoroll system is very good , good stability and good responce. Easy to controll.

At indoor flight 8turn over my head. Very conttrollable. Hiller system is weak to small stearing, but this is better, I think.
I tink tail motor weight inertia, but no ploblem. Under 30cm hight hover, Piccolo moved by own down wash, needs careful controll. After many flight, changed more better controll.

Very fun and tiny flight!

And after

Breaked main mast stopper (gum tube), so I made aluminium mast stopper. This is original but can use 3mm wheel stopper.
Screw at mainbalades, changed to 2.6mm matal screw ( length 8mm) and hold with nylon nut.

Body mout carbon rod extended with 2mm carbon rod (lengh 10mm). Just fit to Huge 300 body.
7cell 250mah battery can flight over 3minutes. Maybe over 4minutes. Enough at indoor flight.
At outdoor, care for wind. If it blow only slowly, but Piccolo moving hardly.
If this small silent EP heli flight under the clear sky, it is very fun!, I think so!

My dream of very small EP heli at 7years old, Now on my hands!
It needs 30 years.

(c) p-bear@ba2.so-net.ne.jp