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pa PittsPO@nrerQUr@Japan Aerobatick club Mr Niizuma's Pitts S1

Every May fly at MCAS IWAKUNI, very beautiful aerobaticks fly by Mr NIIZUMA.
Mr NIIZUMA is WW2 pilot of Japan,he drives KAWASAKI KI-51 "HIEN".And after WW2,he was fulying at America,
and JSDF Japan.

Unforutunely the leal Pitts S1(JA3753)was bloken at Okegawa airport,in another pailot was training.

This model Pitts maked at 3years, i'm mypase. Covering by KYOSHO ECSEL COAT(red,black).
Anoter coloring is cuttingseats,partof marks is cuted by cuttingplottar(LOLAND DG),scaning real PItts's marking of photographs.

WIng struts is fixed 2mm hexbolts. Fixing nuts are fixed on plates (1mm plywood)at wing libs surface. In this way covering works is very easy and put wings together very easy at flight.(modyfied)

Inportant settiing,Upper wing angle is 0` and lower wing angle is +1`. Keep this set,in case of increase power ,nose is't so up that you can't controll.

This plane driver is Sea Otter (Toy dolls keyholder size) Cut doll bust line, and cutting line are cover by 2mm plywood, and adhesion rubber glue. just size.

Exthoustsilencer is made by aluminium pipe (20mm) blow to down.
Plopelar is MK glass 10*4. Spinner is OK 40mm.
Rdios are SANWA 4ch micro servo*3 mini servo*1(airlone), battery 4.8v250mah
Fuel tank is 90cc? (TETRA).
Lunding wheels are MK 40mm spogetype. (lunning easy and no fall)

Covers of lunding gear supports is made from vinyl plate, and covering cutting-seat. Very easy and tough.

Engine is hopld upsidedown. Engine mount reinforcement is 3mm plywood, and plyestel rasin coating.

In flyghts----

Very powerful (enougf to OS FS20) moves very quick. Very very cute!
If you like small byplane, please make QB Pitts 10!

Coloring mono-tone,exanple yelow,very simple, making easy.


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