OK model Seduction Wild Style

Seduction WS ( wild style ) is 4c50 class 3D Fanfly. OK models made erectric- power conversion kit for WS.
I tryed to fly WS with E-power, and try for torqueroll !

Battery holder
BEC contoroller has maximum current for servo 3A. So I choise servos not digital-servo.
I use FUTABA S-9001 for rudder and elevator, FUTABA S-9601*2 for airlon. These are eough torque ans speed.
Rudder and elebator moves over 45deglee. ( about 50)

I made origial plop adaptor for AXI motor. Battery is 1700mah 12cell/
AXI2820/10 is enougf power for vertical hover.

In test flight
I use 12*4 APC plop. Another choise is 11*5.5E APC, I want to vertical climb.

The day of test, there are windy ( over 4m/s), but WS take off with powerful motor AXI.
Power feel like OS FS52S or over.

The roll rate is very quick and stabirity.Knife edge is very easy. Stall havit is very contolollable.

Torque roll is very easy , so much thrst and power.Another point is only my contloll technique.

I use 12cell for 3D, but if you use 10cell, WS become to good slow stunter.

Motor run is 3minutes or over.