400class EP Heli.
Servo : Futaba S-3103*3(CCPM) S-9257(tail)
RX : Futaba R146ip (72Mhz PCM 6ch)
Motor : Hyperion P1919-04M (12T pinion)
ESC : Hyperion Titan 35A PSW
Batt : TP 2100mah3cell or Hyperion 1800mah3cell

Hand made works

Scrap red edge to move blade smooth. 3mm selflocking nut (Kit included) was too tight, so I use regular 3mm nylon lock nut.

Erevator arm inforcer

I feel normal elevatror arm too soft to hold swashplate tight. So I made arm inforcement from 0.5mm FRP plate (see picture). Glue with CA after sanding suruface. Care to eerevator link botom.
Very simple works but hold swashplate good!
Controll feels be better! Please try it!

Pitch housing crossmenber

I add 24.8mm crossmember at this point. Collect feeling. Clossmember can use from Heli and car parts near size.

Servo mount inforcement

My friend add GFRP plate at servo mount of T-Rex, it cause good feeling. So I made similar inforce plate from 0.5mm FRP.

Tail pitch controll clank metal

Use 4mm*3mm blass pipe to pibot bush. Inner bush is made from 3mm*2mm blass pipe. Very littre longer than outer bush.

Tail pitch slider 2BB type

Original hand made slider. 8*4*3 BB (doubule use)

Elevator link

Hand made metal link.
This needs more ball links, it caussed worth for pitch stavirity at high speed run. So I put out this link.

Good performance feels like 32class GP Heli. I enjoy T-Rex !


I cahnged servos (airlon elevator) to Futaba S-3103(9g servo) from Waypoint 084. At high speed flyght, became more stable and contlollable. Pitching trouble was cleared. Picth controll servo is GWS NARO+BB, but Futaba S-3103 or JR NES-371 better too.
These servos are mached to original servo mount.
I tryed to use TP 2100mah3cell Li-Po, good performance!


ALIGIN opitional metal parts ( Stab seesaw, Mixingarms) and Quick japan original parts ( Centerhub, Mainbladeglip), these are not so expensive but good accuraccy. Tail pitch slider is original hand made.


Hyperion YH-22XL motor arrived, I changed to new one. Kv is 3900, so I use 9T pinion. At flyght test it works very well and less heat probrem than X22motor.
I choice 335mm carbon blade, it was too heaby load for X22 motor but YH22-XL motor is enougf to drive it.
I use anti rotation blacket (HS1082), it needs some works for 450x's frame,but it is easy to make 2hole only. My 450xl get more sutability, clear pitching problem.
Now my 450X has good performance.


Quick center hub, Quick main blade grip, ALIGN some metal head parts, ALIGN carbon flame. I use 335mm carbon blade.

Hyperion tail case, Quick tail rotor grip.

ALIGN carbon flame kits arrived, so I remake my T-Rex to CCPM system. I like HDE(normal linkage system)better, but CCPM system use simple linkage , it made more accurasy for swashplate controll. My T-Rex had pitching probrem before convert, but CCPM system has no problem, make more stavirity and high speed.
Carbon flame is good too!

Only one weakness is that ALIGIN has lot of T-Rex user in many countryes , so we hard to get T-Rex new spare parts.


MD530 body

MD530 body made by FUNTEC ( Japanese F3C flyer Mr Sensui's company).
Very very pretty and good performance, scale like skid and beautiful finishied FRP body and tail fin.

Flight performance is not down by body weght.

I like this !!


I changed ESC HP Titan 35A PSW from Titan 30A, so I can use disital servo for tail pitch controll.
And I tested Hyperion P1919-04M motor (outrunnner) with 12T pinion, I feel more power and more torque than HP Y22-XL (kv3900), and most important point, P1919-04M was cool than Y22-XL after flyght. In hard flyght, Y22-XL cause high temperture , can not touch motor, but P1919-04M is cooler than Y22.

Outrunner is better for T-REX, I think.


Futaba made new disital servo for 400class EP-heli, I get S-9257 and test it. S-9257 has perfect quality, no any problem. Flight like 60class GP heli !
And I changed Tail parts 450SE-V2 from old 450XL, It is good, and I Thank to ALIGIN !


I tested ALIGIN 325mm Carbon blade, I use Hyperion 325mm carbon blade before. ALIGN 325mm carbon make good air speed with Hyperion 1919-04M motor(12T pinion) , This set is awful good!!