JR Voyager-E

RX : Futaba R-149ip
Servo : JR DS-589 (3 for swash) Futaba S-9254 ( tail pitch)
Gyro : Futaba GY401
ESC : JR S-Boyager set ESC ( Hacker 70A-SB)
Motor : S-Boyager 3sell type ( Hacker A40-8XL) 13T pinion
Batterry : Hyperion 3200mah4cell Li-po or FlightPower 3200mah4cell Li-Po (30C type)
Main blade : DY producuts 435mm semi-synmetric FRP

JR Heli division made Super Voyager in 2007 summer. I get converjon kit for old Voyager-E.
Super Voyager-E has very good drive system, it cause quiet and high speed flyght. It is very very FUN!
I use K&S rotor head and tail gearbox. If it has pitching problem, use JR hard damper for super voyager-e, it make good flyght.
My Super Voyager-E is 3cell type, but 4cell type has more 3D performance.

My S-Boyager changed celltype 3ell to 4sell. It needs S-Boyager 4cell type tail assy and Hacker PC-Link kit (USB) and 13t pinion gear for 3cell motor (4cell use)
It cause more power and controll. Very fun!!
I changed swash controll servos from FUTABA S-9691 to JR DS-589 (FET Disital). So pitching problem at high speed run is clear.

Normal tair assy ( for old boyager and S-boyager 3cell ) is weak to high power use. Need Change to 4cell type full metal tail case and 4mm tail output shaft.

At assenbling

At flight test

Please Caution

Optional Parts

K&S product made optional parts for Voyager-E, Bearing case A, Bearing case B, Head center hub, Motor mount, and another. There is made from aluminium and CNC work. Center hub has 2 ball bearing for stabiriser seasow, very important.
I use Bearing case A and B and center hub. It is very good for flight.

Sanyo 3300 NiMH is very powerful over Nicd 2400, If you use 3300 over 9minutes hover and 3D flight well .
4/5 SC 1700mah8cell also good for aerobatic flight, I think.

@If you use digital servo for tailpitch contloll, I recomennd use BEC. I use Waypoint S-BEC, It is good performance and stabirity.
I use FUTABA GY401 gyro and S-9253 digital servo for tail pitch controll.
At using 3cell Li-Po, S-BEC is need for safety flight. I recommend S-BEC or similar regurator system. No use contoroller BEC, it is safe way.

Mini Works

Roater head dumper

Roter head center hub

Tail boom support

Swash plate

ESC and Motor cooler

FUTABA GY401 gyro


Experimental report

  1. Tail pitch slider with Ball bearings
  2. Repair of skid
  3. Body mount works
  4. Tail pitch servo pipe on.
  5. Remake of battery support and adjust CGpoint.
  6. Stabliser blade work.
  7. Dumper replace

Now I fly Voyager with normal 12turn motor and 15Tpinion gear, amd normal main rotor blades.
It can Rooping and Auto-rotation landing. If you try roll, maybe easy!

If you can get K&S Carbon flame set for Voyager-E,It is very good. Less power loss and tighter.
JR FRP main roter blades are good too! Please try it.

Test Now

I get Hacker B40-9L blushless motor and Shulze Future 45be ESC.
Remake motor mount from 5*25 aluminium plate.
I test with 18-20T pinion gear. It can use Kyosho's EP 1/10 Buggy, like a Ultima, or can use Tamiya's Buggy, Glass Hopper and Hornet, 18t pinion gear.
Hacker recomend 8-10cell with 20-22T pinion gear, for acrobatics. But I use 7cell 2000-2400mah battery with 19-20T pinion gear.

At flight test
2400mah7cell 20t pinion
Like a 12turn motor, hovering 7min over. Littele heat at motor and esc.

2400mah8cell 20t pinion
Very powerful so I decleace hovering current ( less 10% than 7cell ). This is sport flight setting informed from Hacker website.
Motor and ESC small heating than 7cell flinght.

Hacker C40-10S
I get C40-10S and test now. It have 4200Kv over so needs more large pinion gear.
Motor holding pitch is same to 600class motors, so need not remake motor mount.

2400mah 8cell 13t pinion
Feel power like B40-9L same hover tiime.

2400mah 8cell 14t pinion
More power and high turn than 13t, but cullent and motor heat is no ploblem. At normal flight ( long flight) is match this setting. Flight time is over 6minutes.

2400mah 8cell 16t pinion
High speed hovering, enouguf speed to stunt at IDLE UP 1 mode. Very powerful. If you want sports stunt , choice 16t pinion gear.

17t pinion can use at acro or 3D flight, I think. Hacker's WEB say so.

I changed ESC from Shulze future45be to Hacker Jeti MASTER HELI 40-3P, very useful and good performance.

NiMH 3300mah 8cell 16t pinion and Hacker-Jeti MASTER HELI 40-3P govenner mode
Long time (over 9 minutes) hover and very good acrobat performance. I reccomend this set.

Li-Po 2600mah 3S2P ( Poly Questo 10C type) 14t pinion and Hacker-Jeti MASTER HELI 40-3P govenner mode
More light weght, good performance 3D manuver. but motor is heat more. ( Hacker C40-11S is better?)

(C) Koubou Sirokuma